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Coin Collecting can be a fascinating hobby

Coin is especially made and distributed in almost all the nations for smooth and transparent transaction of values, deeds and other such transactions along with paper currencies. However, coins hold a very special place in this sector as they are varied, mysteriously variant, and ever-changing and often reflect ongoing trends and activities.

Coins thus attract a great number of people, as it is often found that people find it as a splendid hobby to collect coins of various nations of various eras due to many logical reasons. What is even more fascinating is that coins are normally time bound, i.e. a particular type of coin is circulated only within a limited period of time; which makes it kind of rare and good to be preserved for future.

Collecting coins can be a very tedious task once it attains a higher level, as it requires effort paramount, great dedication, passion, zeal and well ample sum of money at times. Coin collection has been such a rage that it is often treated as a competitive event where people come and display their collection and get ranked in terms of various parameters.

The coin collection can be classified according to groups such as coins of a particular historic era, coins of countries, coins augmented during kingdoms and their individual tenures, error coins (exonumia). Thus it is often an investment strategy just like other methods. Coin collection is an art even, as one needs to take care of having a proper collection of coins maintaining optimal balance between his affordability and passionate hobby of coin accumulation.

As mentioned above, the coin collection can be described and grouped in following ways.

Periodic Coin Collections

The coins issued during the medieval era like the 18th century showcase great coins. Countries like India, Greece, and Israel have marvelous history of producing wonderful coins during their time. Each emperor would normally issue coins related to his kingdom, having his details during their working regime.

Coins used to include the contemporary news, deeds and mega events which appeal to the collector as it dates back to those memorable events and come across as direct and living witness of those events.

Subjective Coin Collections

Coins catering to specific subjects or objectives often excite people to have them owned. Subjects such as politicians, nation, icons and role-models, animals etc have their individual takers.

Event related Coin Collections

Events like independence etc. are often reflected in the coins, thus making it priceless possessions for concerned people.

Composition Coin Collections

For many people, it is the material which the coin is made up of, makes it attractive to be preserved; as they are often built out of rare materials, and pricing higher than the price the coin carries with it strangely!

Mintmark Coin Collections

For many collectors, mintmark plays an important role to give them separate and rare pleasure, provides sufficient differentiation than other collectors and different representation altogether.

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