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Coin collecting as a hobby

A hobby is a person’s passion – something which has no utility strings attached to it. There are a thousand and one hobbies people indulge in and coin-collecting hobby is one of them. It can be said with impunity that at some time or the other the majority of people have taken to this particular hobby. It is connected with the science of numismatics. The hobby is of a very serious nature requiring lots of time and energy and it has many branches to it.

The American Numismatic Association organizes annually the World Fair of Money. Numismatic loves all flock here to get the latest and the best in news related to the world of coins. Canada will be issuing new $2 coins with a new mintmark ‘M’ – to stand for both the English word ‘money’ and French word ‘monnaie’. The mint in USA has already released a set of ten coins each from the Philadelphia and Denver mints respectively.

Basically there is no one set of rules or guidance rule for those whose hobby is coin collecting. To some the approach is casual while others are more serious. There are national collectors of coins and others who are interested globally and historically. Others hunt around for coins that have an error – which may turn out to be of priceless value.

The casual coin collector does so for the sheer fun of it and picks up coins at random. Inquisitiveness and curiosity drive them on. Whenever time or budget permits they go across to the local coin dealer and buy whatever catches their fancy or what the shopkeeper talks them into.

Advanced coin collectors belong to another category. Their range of collection may be stupendous. It is not just technically coins that they hoard – it may be medals of by gone Emperors or coins dug out from ancient tombs. The error coin collector is quite serious about the hobby and invariable sniffs around and finds the right connections to bag the trophy. Through long practice they know the route. Errors relate to dye, asymmetrical designs, double hits, re-punching etc.

Despite the categorization each group thinks and acts seriously with dedication, patience, passion and also incurs expenses. Some might call it a craze but a hobby is essential to keep the human mind happy – not always struggling with the basics of bread and butter.

The great thing about the coin-collecting hobby is that anybody irrespective of age and gender can have a go at it. The diversity is fascinating. More often than not it is the random collector who becomes the specialist moving up step by step. The expert then will forge ahead and be motivated by the spirit of competition. Historical coin collectors focus on a particular period. The hobby leads on to not only competition but also co-operation as the historical fellow might trade his prize for something the error coin-collector might have chanced to come upon. All are addicted to the same intoxicant – coin collecting.

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