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Collecting Gold Coins as part of your coin collecting hobby

It was so long ago that gold has been used for trading or money equivalents. This metal is very valuable in the sense that it has very beautiful forms to shape to jewelry and such things that people love to wear on.

Gold has been used as money since ancient times. The metal is valuable because it is beautiful and easy to form into jewelry and other objects.

The metal is very rare to find and very unusual in the different types of metals. These do not typically rust or tarnish implying that to have colored dull or pale. Those recovered in sunken treasures with terms of gold coins are very tiny yet shiny when sinking.

This metal has soft, easily formed material that can be changed to any jewelry or such stuffs. In 1 ounce of the metal equivalent to 31 grams this can be hammered to a sheet that is 16 feet in every side. It can be fully stretched out to a wire 62 miles long.

Many people would look nicely with gold the fact that it is very rare to find. Goldís can fit in the cubes for about 65 feet in every side. Thus rare the value does not usually change in the coming years. It was so many years ago that people can handle wealth using the carrying of this gold in a bag.

Several coins has copper in it mixed with gold and silver, this has been used so long ago to give more strong foundation in coins, Up to now copper is being used in coin industry makers the fact that they are very more common than tho9se counterparts silver and gold. Mostly the coins in United States had used this type of metal.

It has been know that to trade one must use metal for money there fore the coins had been created for good use. The Turkish kingdom that has been called Lydia had created the first metal coin at around 600 BC. This type of coins had been stamped by the king. This is the same time that China started the paper money.

Long ago this paper money had stand before the metal as in gold. You can go to the government or bank using this paper bills so trade with the metal gold.

Lately there are countries that you canít trade for paper money with this precious metal. Although people had accepted it because they are confided with accepting it.

History has it that the century Babylonian had negotiated the commercial transactions to use gold and silver that means exchange in as far back as 2000 BC, meanwhile these metals were not cast to form the suitable in as easy circulation. Lack in standards may mean weight and purity in the metal had to be proven that period of time.

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