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Creating a coin collection

Coin collection is a hobby that involves persons gathering or trading coins for multiple reasons. The coins of interest are may be due to historical, monetary or any other reasons. Though coin collecting as a hobby dates back to the early Roman times, coin collecting as pieces of art only began from 14th century onwards. The collector of coins is popularly known as Numismatic.

Uncirculated coins often find places in the collections of many people having a good eye for coins. Also, coins that have been damaged beyond recognition become popular sometimes as well. Coin collectors have many kinds of coins to collect, like a serious coin collector may try to collect to gather coins issued by every country so far. Others may go for variety collections, period collections, mintmark collections etc.

The lure of coins lies in the fact that it can draw people into the era the coin belonged to. Various historians make use of these coins and by examining them, get to know about the geography, philosophy, sociology, and artistry of the culture it existed in. Hobbyists usually start collecting locally as itís most easy that way and then move on to explore coins from outside their nation.

Avid coin collectors make note of everything in a coin from its date, mintmarks, abnormalities in design etc. To them, every coin is a unique specimen. The price of a coin is naturally dependant on its demand. More exotic and rare the coin more is its demand.

Though coins are relatively safe from counterfeiting compared to the paper currencies, still before buying a coin one must do research regarding the coin; assess its current market value, its resell value and firstly whether the coin is genuine or not. One of the most popular coins is the period collection. Medieval coins of Greek, Byzantine, Indian, and Celtic, Parthian collections that tend to be more popular and amongst the most ancient coins collected.

A common reason for many to purchase coins is investment. So, as a hobby, coin collection can be fruitful and investment-friendly too. Though many people take coin collection as a hobby, most people also look into it as not only a mere hobby but look to incur profits out of it.

And they do that by displaying their rare collection of coins somewhere so as to gain the attention of the common people. Some companies may even want to advertise them on magazines, newspapers etc.


Coin collectors often casually pick up this as a hobby as some coins they received in circulation may turn out to be intriguing and interesting for them later on. Over time, their interests are enhanced and the desire of collecting more coins so as to form a wide range of collection haunts their mind and thus

Coin Collection as a hobby is born. People with enough resources can have astounding collections. So, every collector collects what interests him or her. At the end of the day, coin collection fills you with a sense of fulfillment and a sense of history.

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