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Handling the coins in your collection

Coin collector, you should learn to handle your prized coins well. Since not only is numismatics your hobby but a part of your business as well, you have to check that they are available in good condition to whomever you intend to sell your coins to, so that a decent price is ensured to you.

Some common tips given to coin collectors can be summed up as follows:

1.Cleaning of your coin should be avoided at all costs. Cleaning can not be done by everyone, only very experienced numismatics can do it, that too when they are more than sure that cleaning will definitely increase the value of the coin. Otherwise, cleaning over the mint state makes defaces a coin and makes it less significant.

2.Storing coins in drawers, jars, boxes deface coins by putting unwanted scratches on it, thus reducing its value.

3.You should be careful even while handling or holding the coins. Wear cotton gloves, and hold by the edges so as not to put any mark on it, so as to deface it and degrade its value.

4.You should never attempt rubbing anything on or scratching the coin by anything.

5.You should not drop the coins on hard surfaces so that they are degraded. You can consider using a soft velvet carpet and a soft cloth when you want to handle the coins.

6.Moisture and humidity cause immense damage to coins. Even coughing or sneezing is to be restricted while you are at work with coins because they leave ugly marks on them. You could also use silica gel.

7.You should shore coins in original mint holders or archival quality storage containers. PVC should never be used to store the coins. You could as well send them for grading to reliable grading service centres that would encapsulate the coins.

To become a good collector, the following are absolutely essential.

Education: Get educated about the types of coins you want to collect.

Specialization: Use cannot go about collecting all sorts of coins. So, identify your specialisation.

Patience: You should remember that good collections are not built in a day.

Connections: Attend seminars and auctions to get as many worthwhile connections as you can.

Look from a collector’s view: A person who sets out to collect without a passion is sure to lose money. Then again, if money is all you look at, you might not earn a good reputation.

Gain expertise: Being a connoisseur requires time. Nevertheless, you should make all attempts.

Learn Grading: This is very important so that you do not fall prey to fraudulent dealers.

Try achieving long-term goals: To gain the appreciated value of the rare coins, you should hold on to them for quite a number of years.

Quality over Quantity: As obvious, there is no point buying many ordinary coins rather than a few rare ones.

Buy the best: Try giving time to buy the best coin instead of wasting money on ones that are not worth.

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